Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mmm, cow pies

What sort of person names a chocolatey treat after a bovine turd?

This treasure came from Wisconsin, and while it may have a dubious name, it was magically delicious! However, to the best of my knowledge, cows do not have opposable thumbs. But it would be interesting to live in a place named "Baraboo." Baraboo appears to be the Cow Pie Capital of the USA. Anyone out there from Baraboo? Perhaps "Homer Holstein"? (Anyone out there reading any of this?)


Crowzma said...

I would name a chocolate treat after a bovine turd. Yes, I would. In fact, doing something like that would generally be considered to be completely in line with my character.

Sarah said...

Hey I have a blog too!

I used to live in WI and I think at some point I drove trhrough Baraboo. Not terribly exciting or memorable.

(I'm Sarah of Crunch, Rally and John from canine-l)