Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cows of Sri Lanka

Uh yeah, it has indeed been two years since we visited Sri Lanka, and I am indeed only just now posting pictures of the COWS OF SRI LANKA!

A lot has gone on. since my -way-long-ago last post. We've moved twice and are now on the other side of the country from the lovely Clayburn Village cows. On a brighter note, we have our own farm now, and maybe one day I'll have a pet cow. But for now, I bring you some beautiful cattle from beautiful but troubled Sri Lanka.

That's a sign for yogurt and ice cream to the right of the calf!

Let's see if I can remember.... I think this was taken at Bundala National Park. Water buffalo, no?

Can you spot the cow in this photo? I was riding in one of those tuktuks when I took this!

"One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong..."

What a beautiful spotted creature!

Spot the water buffaloes!

So many cows in Sri Lanka, so many colours!

Okay, this was taken at some botanical gardens not too far from Kandy.

At the same botanical gardens:

More moos.

More moos.

Skinny moo.

Lovely moo.

Moos in mud.

Cute little moos.

Moos at... a national park. I think it was Bundala again.

Moo on path.

Moo crossing sign seen from our safari jeep on way to Bundala and Jala. That's a leopard sticker on the window. We saw three leopards at Yala.

Roadside moos.

More roadside moos.

Resting moos.

Pretty moo.

Reclining moo with birds at Bundala.

Preggars moo with bird friend.

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