Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fruit slut

Yep, Mama cow is a slut for fruit. I don't even need to wave my apple around now. I just walk up to the fence, and over comes Mama cow, lookin' for a sweet handout. Moo, baby.

Of course, guilt now prevents me from walking past the cow pasture without fruits or veggies in my pockets! Heaven forbid I should disappoint my bovine buddies.

Today I made a new discovery. Cows also like pears!

Mama cow is also really in to scritchies on the sides of her head. However, mostly she likes apples.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Cows like carrots!

Not surprisingly, as we discovered today, cows like carrots!

"What have they got for me today?"

"Well, that looks a bit rude, but I'll try it anyway."

"Damn, that's tasty! But what is this gonna do to my svelte waistline?"

"Well, those don't look like the orange things I just ate, but I'll be happy to sample them anyway!"

(How can you resist such bovine cuteness???)

Friday, February 11, 2005

Time for apples!

I feed apples to the cow and her calf that live down the lane. Now, they have come to expect treats from me whenever I walk by. Here is today's sequence:

"La la la, dum di dum, munch munch, minding our own business..."

"Hey! Is that the APPLE LADY?!"


"We LOVE the Apple Lady! Apples, apples, apples!"

"Gimme dat apple!"

"Don't forget me! I know I still get free milk, but I looove apples."

"Maybe I can find the apple with my tongue! Or maybe I will just lick the camera."

"Am I not the picture of bovine beauty? Do I not deserve many, many apples?"

"Look at us! We are wasting away. Bring more freaking apples!"