Friday, July 29, 2005

Cheese cows

These darling moo-moos reside at the place where we get that darn delicious cheese, out in Agassiz (The Farm House Natural Cheeses.) My hubby took very nice pictures of these bovine babies.


Who knew cows had UPC codes?

Enjoying the July sun!

Startling revelation

Apparently, I am steeped in ignorance when it comes to cows. Baby Bull is NOT a baby bull. Baby bull is actually "Miz Heifer". We had friends visit us from Nova Scotia last week. Andrew raises cattle (although he's switching to organic cereals.) He politely pointed out that Baby Bull lacks the necessary "equipment" to be a bull. And sure enough, yesterday I noticed her teeny-tiny teats. I'm so embarrassed... you'd think I could sex a cow. Here we are, Anne, Andrew and me, (and toasty Tara the English Setter) performing scientific observations (because what else do you take a tourist cattle farmer to see but the village cows?):

"That's no bull!"

New Glarus

This is wonderful New Glarus, Wisconsin. Somehow I managed to miss it on my recent Wisconsin tour, but my Madison friend Phyllis kindly sent me this shot. Doesn't every Main Street, USA have a giant cow?

And another website for cow lovers:

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Moose and Cow love

In 1986, a moose wandered out of the woods in Vermont and fell in love with a cow named Jessica:

And then someone wrote a song about it (scroll down to "If I were a Moose"):

No chance of moose-cow love in this village, but I suppose a black bear lovin' up a cow is a possibility!