Saturday, May 21, 2005

America's Dairyland

We took this photo in case we didn't find any cows. What were we thinking? No cows in Wisconsin? That's like no plumbers' cracks in Madison!

Does anyone know how to pronounce "Trygve"?

A genuine Wisconsin herd:

"Look girls, there's another tourist freak stopping traffic to take our picture. Time for a little methane output!"

I can't decide whether these two heifers are guard cows or a harem:

"Then, out of the darkness, came death with a nose ring."


Another Wisconsin wonder:

So tell me, do moose and cows really interact in a friendly way? If a cow and a moose got in a fight, wouldn't the moose win?

Old Blue Eyes

I think it's probably safe to say that only in Wisconsin would you find this in front of a shoe store:

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Hypnotic bovine aside, it was a most excellent shoe store and I bought THREE PAIRS of shoes there. If you know me, you know I am not a shoe-a-holic and I don't know if I have ever in my life bought three pairs of shoes all at the same time. Part of that stems from the difficulty I have finding shoes to fit my large feet.

Here is a shot of my friend Phyllis, at one with the bovine. The guy who owns the shoe store is also a big-time sports fan, which is why the freakish cow is also sporting a baseball cap!

"Step away from the udder, ma'am!"

If you would like to see some truly freakish cow attractions, visit:

Intersesting, isn't it, how many of them are in Wisconsin? I clearly did not try hard enough to seek out freakish cow attractions on my trip through America's Dairyland.

Cows you can buy

I have a lotta cow shots from my Wisconsin trip. But let's start here. This is just a tiny smidgen of the available cow merchandise I saw in and around Madison:

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Diary cows

Okay, so I am way behind on my cow blog! The life of a cow photojournalist isn't always easy, ya know. I just spent a week in Wisconsin (America's Dairyland; bring on the cheese curds!) and I now have a backlog of magnificent bovine portraits to load. I haven't been over to photograph the local cow couple lately, but I will visit with the Nikon soon.

Anyhoo, last month we drove out to Birchwood Dairy’s Farm Market at 1154 Fadden Road in Abbotsford , where we had some very nice ice cream:

I was all ready to take lots of cow pictures, but I could only find one cow gurl to photograph:

Is she not udderly delightful? However, she seemed a bit shy and wouldn't cooperate particularly well with me and my camera. I supposed I'm just lucky she didn't decide to shower me with hot manure!

"Piss off and stop taking photos of my ass!"