Thursday, May 19, 2005

Diary cows

Okay, so I am way behind on my cow blog! The life of a cow photojournalist isn't always easy, ya know. I just spent a week in Wisconsin (America's Dairyland; bring on the cheese curds!) and I now have a backlog of magnificent bovine portraits to load. I haven't been over to photograph the local cow couple lately, but I will visit with the Nikon soon.

Anyhoo, last month we drove out to Birchwood Dairy’s Farm Market at 1154 Fadden Road in Abbotsford , where we had some very nice ice cream:

I was all ready to take lots of cow pictures, but I could only find one cow gurl to photograph:

Is she not udderly delightful? However, she seemed a bit shy and wouldn't cooperate particularly well with me and my camera. I supposed I'm just lucky she didn't decide to shower me with hot manure!

"Piss off and stop taking photos of my ass!"


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Librarian said...

Perhaps you should request that your photographic subjects provide consent and have input into the composition of their portraits before taking their pictures. Then you might not get such 'tude from them.

Melissa said...

The way I see it, there's always gotta be one butt shot. When my goddoggy comes to stay, I take photos of him and send them to his mom so she has something nice to look at while she's at work. She explained to me that there is always a butt shot, no matter how hard you try to avoid that particular view. It's apparently a camera thing, rather than an uncooperative subject or lack of desire to trespass thing.