Sunday, April 03, 2005

Whimsical Cow

Here we have my latest purchase from Liquidation World (I also bought some surprisingly good After Eight biscuits there!):

Yes, the Whimsical Cow, gracing a 79-cent gift bag that I shall eventually bestow on some lucky recipient. I notice a distinct lack of two legs on this cow, however, he (no udder, must be a "he") has clearly just enjoyed a bag of organic apples. Note the rapturous smile!

We went to visit Mama cow and calf yesterday. I guess I should name them, eh? But they probably already already have names, not that I know them. Any suggestions? "Bessie" seems too obvious. Anyway! We took carrots for our mooful friends, but they were TOO BUSY eating hay to be bothered coming over. I mean, really, the nerve. I guess the are punishing me for last week when I treatlessly sauntered by. "Screw you, you apple lady!"

So we walked over to another farm across from the tearoom (see: There were many sheep, some lambs, a horse and a donkey in the field. We thought the donkey, being relatively close to the fence, might like the carrots. Unfortunately we couldn't get his attention. So Gordon just started pitching carrots with all his might. Nolan Ryan my beloved ain't. The donkey studiously ignored the carrots landing thirty feet from him, although one sheep did walk up to sniff one, then backed away in disgust.

If it ever stops raining here, I will go get some more shots of Mama and baby cow for you all. Moo!

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