Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I walked by the cows today, with my faithful English Setter Tara, and I brought apples. Nice, juicy, organic apples that probably cost a buck each, and were rolling around the fridge, waiting to be eaten.

I walked by the cows today, and I was IGNORED.

Ignored! They were too busy eaten oh-so-tasty GRASS to pay attention to me and my apples.

Imagine. Ignored!!! Maybe I'll have to rename this blog "The Slug Diaries" (hey, good idea! slug diaries!) and take photos of the abundant sluglife around here.



Mo said...

The cows ignored you because you've been a slacker in giving them apples on a timely and daily basis. While visiting Phyll in Wis. you should have hired someone, a cow apple feeder, to feed them while you were away! What did you expect...a party on your return?? Cows have attitude baby! Attitude!

Knatolee said...

You're right. I am no friend to cows!