Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cows on parade again!

Okay, okay, so The Cow Diaries took a hiatus while I went to Sri Lanka, but we're back. And soon, there will be a Cows of Sri Lanka installment!

But what have we here? It's COWS ON PARADE!

These beautiful creatures are on parade right now in lovely Madison, Wisconsin, in front of the UW Hospital. I would enjoy having these bovines greet me as I arrived for my gall bladder surgery or what have you. The theme for these cows is the Wizard of Oz.

Good witch Glinda cow in all her frou-frou glory! Her udder is tastefully kept under wraps by a stunning pink velvet (use your imagination) frock.

The Emerald City Cow. Is this the Great Oz? Because his humanoid back end is creeping me out!

The freaky little munchkin cow! He's from the Lollypop Brigade. What was your first clue?

Is that your hat, or are you just happy to see me? Wait, that joke doesn't work on a girl cow. nevermind.

These photos are courtesy of my humble slave, er, I mean, dear friend, Phyllis DeGioia of Madison. By the way, if you need a dog writer, she's FANTASTIC! Just email me if you want to hire her. She rocks!

For more on these wonderful beasties, check out:
Cheesy Public Art


Melissa said...

Great cows!! Cuter than the Sebastopol cow, that's for sure!

Wolf Lover Girl said...

Okay, I don't get the last cow in pink. Um, another munchkin?

~ Wolf Lover Girl