Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ginny and friends

My friend Ginny has kindly allowed me to post these photos of her and her close encounters with cows. The big black fellow is Flag, a steer who loves getting his chin scratched. I never knew what lovely personalities cows can have until I moved her and got up close and personal with our village cows. Doesn't Flag look over the moon, getting his chin scritchies from Auntie Ginny?

The Mama Highland cattle cow (not a technical term, I'm sure) is giving Ginny the hairy eyeball because Mama's two calves did a bit of a runner when they saw Ginny enter the yard, even though Ginny averted her eyes and let Mama know she was no threat. I love Highland cattle... they make me think of bovine dogs!


dephal said...

Oh, Flag looks so sweet! Kinda like a ginormous newfy with horns.

Knatolee said...

You know, I can see that!!!