Thursday, October 27, 2005


Yeah, yeah, I've been remiss. Finally I have some new cow photos for y'all.

The girls hear the sweet sound of apples. Wait...apples don't talk. Okay: from afar, the girls see the sweet redness of apples.

It is your sworn duty to fill my gaping maw!

Do not hate me because I am beautiful! Come closer so that I may annoint you with the sacred saliva.

And while you're here, could you do something about these damned flies?

"So, a priest, a rabbi and a minister are standing around in a barn..."
(Can you believe how big "baby" has gotten? That's her on the left!)

Give me the apple, or the tongue of death will flay you, leaving nothing but a bloody, skinless corpse!

What, leaving so soon?

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