Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cows 'n' cheese

After we recovered from Brian's experience with the cows, dear hubby and I went to a wonderful farm out in Agassiz where they make unspeakably delicious cheese from milk obtained from their unspeakably beautiful cows. It's called The Farm House Natural Cheeses Ltd., and is located at 5634 McCallum Road in Agassiz. Two visits and we're addicted to their cheeses. No website, but you can search under "cheese" at:
and you'll find more info.

Anyway, near the parking lot they have a small pasture with a two cows, a calf and a donkey (!)

How beautiful is this face? (Okay, it might be cuter without the cud-chewing action. Mum always told me not to chew gum!)

And how can you not adore this little calf, peeking out from beside Mama?

If you're in the area, go! And make sure you buy some cheese. Our favourite is the stinky but luscious Alpine Gold cheese they make.

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