Friday, February 11, 2005

Time for apples!

I feed apples to the cow and her calf that live down the lane. Now, they have come to expect treats from me whenever I walk by. Here is today's sequence:

"La la la, dum di dum, munch munch, minding our own business..."

"Hey! Is that the APPLE LADY?!"


"We LOVE the Apple Lady! Apples, apples, apples!"

"Gimme dat apple!"

"Don't forget me! I know I still get free milk, but I looove apples."

"Maybe I can find the apple with my tongue! Or maybe I will just lick the camera."

"Am I not the picture of bovine beauty? Do I not deserve many, many apples?"

"Look at us! We are wasting away. Bring more freaking apples!"

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